If you are looking for medical treatment for attention related disorders rely on Carolina Attention Specialists in Greensboro and Charlotte in NC. We specialize in ADHD treatment, ADHD management, ADHD evaluation and ADHD education. We are a medical practice for children and adults with ADHD and other attention related problems. Trust us to treat and help you manage ADHD using objective testing, medical treatment and behavior modification strategies. 


R. Derek Brugman, D.O. who provides ADHD management in Charlotte, NCR. Derek Brugman, D.O.
Charlotte Location

Dr. Brugman has been practicing pediatrics for over 19 years. He always knew, even before he entered high school, that he wanted to be a pediatrician. Because he suffers from ADHD and dyslexia, he was told by parents and school advisors throughout college that his learning and behavioral problems might be obstacles too great to overcome. He knew that one thing is true about people with ADHD and that is they can hyper focus on what they want to achieve. He focused, overcame and succeeded. That’s why Dr. Brugman has such a passion for treating ADHD. Helping children overcome and change their lives is what he lives for. That is why for the last 15 years he has developed the reputation of being “The ADHD Doctor.”

His passion and expertise concerning the proper treatment of ADHD has led him becoming an expert speaker for the pharmaceutical companies. Even though he is compensated by the pharmaceutical companies, he made it clear to them that his priority was not to promote their drugs but to make other primary care doctors more comfortable treating their patients suffering from ADHD. In addition, this relationship affords him the opportunity to travel throughout the country educating primary care physicians in the most effective treatment of ADHD.

Not only does Dr. Brugman himself have ADHD but so does his wife and both children, therefore he understands all aspects of the diagnosis, as a patient, parent and spouse.

Mark Hepler, PA-C

Mark Hepler, PA-C
Greensboro Location

Mark Hepler grew up outside of Winston-Salem, NC. He earned his graduate degree as a physician assistant from East Carolina University and practiced in family medicine for 10 years prior to coming to Carolina Attention Specialists. Over the years he has diagnosed and treated many patients with ADHD. His appreciation and understanding of the impact of ADHD greatly increased after being diagnosed himself and having three children with it as well. He enjoys helping his patients understand their condition so they can feel better about themselves and gain confidence in their abilities.

Mark enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and four children, being outdoors, fixing things around the house, and learning about any and every topic imaginable.

Perry Roy, M.D.

Perry Roy, M.D.
Charlotte Location

Dr. Perry Roy is board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics and has had a particular interest in treating ADHD over the many years in private practice with Novant. With a desire to specialize, Dr. Roy joined us in Charlotte. He currently treats a number of college students from UNC Asheville with ADHD, and is excited to help adults, children and entire families who struggle with ADHD. He is comfortable with comorbid conditions and referring to psychologists and psychiatrists as needed.

He takes great interest and time with his patients and really enjoys seeing the improvements in their lives over the course of visits. He is a listener and teacher and is motivated by helping his patients identify problems and come up with solutions that work for them.

Dr. Roy has a passion for teaching, working with and helping people locally and across the globe; he taught in Ukraine and Russia and helped set up a clinic in Honduras where he has been over ten times. He has provided medical care in the Middle-East, India, and Central America.

Dr. Roy enjoys spending time with his new wife and is actively involved in his church, friends and family

Amy Stevenson, D.O.Amy Stevenson, D.O.
Greensboro Location

Dr. Amy Stevenson went to medical school at UHS-COM in Kansas City, Missouri and received her DO degree in 1996. Because of her love for the mountains and skiing, residency in Salt Lake City was a perfect fit. She moved back to her hometown of Greensboro, NC in 2002. She has practiced general internal medicine since completing her residency in 1999.

Because of her personal experiences with ADHD, Dr. Stevenson joined Carolina Attention Specialists to care for all the needs of patients with this diagnosis. Since she was diagnosed as an adult, around age 36, she completely understands the changes a diagnosis and correct treatment plan can do in her patient’s lives. She says “I do not treat ADHD as a disability, rather an opportunity to learn about ourselves and work on a more fulfilled future.”

Dr. Stevenson is married with 3 beautiful girls and enjoys time with her family, senseless reality TV, her Kansas City Chiefs, scrapbooking memories and reading. She is always looking for ways to make the lives of her patients better.

Dr. Emily ThompsonEmily Thompson, M.D.
Greensboro Location

A Piedmont North Carolina native, Dr. Emily Thompson earned her medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill. She completed her residency at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center’s Brenner Children’s Hospital in 2010. After residency she practiced general pediatric medicine, including ADHD treatment and management, in Greensboro until joining Carolina Attention Specialists in 2016.

Dr. Thompson feels she is blessed with a special enthusiasm and understanding of ADHD and learning disabilities as she was diagnosed with learning disabilities in medical school and with ADHD during residency. She also has a child with ADHD and learning disabilities, and understands what being a parent of a child with ADHD entails. She enjoys spending extra time brainstorming with families on organization, coping strategies, and helping walk them through navigating school modifications.

Dr. Thompson is married and has two children – a son and a daughter. She is involved in her church, volunteering with children’s ministries, and in the church’s Christian school where her children attend. She also loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Dr. Emily ThompsonAlyssa Sullins, PA-C
Charlotte Location

Alyssa Sullins is a Charlotte, NC native. She graduated from Appalachian State University with her master’s in Biology and from Duke University with her master’s in Health Science and Physician Assistant certification. Following graduation, she practiced in general psychiatry for several years in the Triangle area before moving back to Charlotte and joining the team at Carolina Attention Specialists. As many people close to her are diagnosed with ADHD, Alyssa has seen firsthand how proper treatment can greatly improve the quality of life of someone with ADHD. She has a passion for working with her patients to gain a better understanding of themselves and watching them improve over time.

Alyssa is a loving cat mom of several fuzzy felines. She enjoys spending time outside hiking local trails, mountain biking, and spending time with family.


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